About us

Gary’s Service has been serving the Georgina community since 1984. This family owned business prides themselves in helping you with your regular oil changes, maintenance, brakes, tires, major break downs and much more!

Their team of government licensed Class A Technicians are here to service and educate all of their customers on what is best for their needs at affordable prices. At Gary’s they ensure that you walk away knowing the ins and outs of your vehicle.
Put your trust in them to keep you and your family safe, and your car in top running condition.

You are never too old to learn!

Owners Gary & Nancy Pegg

Gary and Nancy have been on this journey since 1984. Gary had been working at the local GM dealership for 7 years before deciding to go out on his own. After finishing school Nancy worked for a local greenhouse grower. After purchasing an existing business for the first 5 years they rented at 2 different locations in Keswick (1st on Morton Dr & then Church Street).


As they tried to build a customer base, find a permanent location, and raise their family, they met a lot of great people and knew they were here to stay. Georgina is an amazing area with fantastic people and Nancy and Gary were happy to create a life here. They also started to assemble a great team of employees over the years. Some of them started as co-op students and never left! But hopefully that is testament to the way Nancy and Gary (and their team) treat people. They always stand by their philosophy to treat people well with honesty and kindness.


In March of 1989 they purchased the land and built the shop where Gary’s stands today. This building is not just a business but it’s also their home.  Over the years their business, family and customers have grown together right here on this spot. In 1998 they put on an addition and were able to offer their customers a place to get their mandatory Ontario Drive Clean Test preformed. In 2015 they added two more working bays and a new customer waiting room.


Over the years Gary and Nancy learned to surround themselves with professionals. If there is one thing they can offer to anyone starting out in business is that you are never too old to learn. Getting involved in different organizations can help both financially and mentally. Some of the community organizations they belong to are: Georgina Board of Trade, Better Business Bureau, Canadian Federation Independent Business and Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario.


Nancy and Gary have 3 children: Jenna, Jason, and Shelby. Jenna lives in Kirkfield with her husband and children. Jason works for the business and is a government Licensed Class A technician. Shelby is a hair stylist at her own salon which is located right here in Gary’s Service’s building as well.


To Nancy and Gary, being a part of a community means supporting events and groups not just financially but volunteering their time. They have always tried to sponsor as many sports teams and events as possible and have been involved with the Sutton Fair & York 4-H over the last 40 years. Without the community and family the business would not be where it is today and they are very grateful for this opportunity to serve Georgina.