Gary’s offers a variety of professional services to keep your vehicle in excellent condition year round. They offer reliable and efficient service with a full diagnostic check emailed to you with comments and photos keeping you aware of everything they find.


Having your brake system working properly will not only save lives, but save you money. Your brakes are one of the most important systems that you have on your vehicle. It is the primary mechanism keeping you, your family (and your car) safe and accident free. It is essential to have one of our experts keep the system lubricated and moving freely, ridding pads and rotors from unwanted rust build-up and other causes of premature brake wear that we can’t avoid in our climate. Your safety is our priority and regular check-ups with our team will extended the life of your vehicle.

Batteries & Alternator

Have you noticed your car cranking over slowly? It may be time for your battery to be replaced or maybe your alternator is not working up to its full capacity (helping to keep the battery charged). Bring your vehicle in for a complete load test so we can quickly determine the effectiveness of your current battery. The usual life expectancy of a battery is 5 years, but this all depends on your driving habits.

Wheel alignment

Having your wheel alignment checked is a great way to extend the life of your tires and the performance of your vehicle. When your vehicle comes into our shop for an alignment we check all of your suspension components, a loose or damaged part can significantly affect your vehicles alignment. After your suspension components are checked and necessary parts are replaced we attach our gauges from are computerized alignment machine and set your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications.
If you notice any of the following it may be time to have your vehicles alignment to be checked:
We also recommend having your alignment checked after having new tires installed so you can extend the life of them.

Electronic service & diagnostics

If your Check Engine light is on, your car’s telling you that there’s a problem. Your vehicle should be diagnosed immediately by a trained technician to limit expensive issues and get it into top running condition again. Driving with your warning light on can affect small things like your fuel mileage, but more importantly can cause long term engine damage or create a domino effect of other issues. At Gary’s we’re equipped with top of the line diagnostic tools, and our technicians have been through training to fix every issue on most makes and models.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioning or heating not working up to its potential? Or maybe it is not working at all? We have a lot of people ask if we can just “top up the Freon in their vehicles system”. By law this is not allowed to be done. If the system has lost Freon there has to be a leak in the system and it should get repaired. And in Canada, a vehicle without heat might as well be sent to the scrap yard. Our team can give your vehicle an expert diagnosis, determine where the problems are, replace parts and get you back driving in comfort fast.

Oil changes

Changing your vehicles oil on a regular basis is one of the simplest yet most important maintenance procedures you should be doing on your vehicle to keep it running. Neglecting to perform regular oil changes is a leading cause of premature engine wear as your engine could be working harder to push dirty oil through to all the parts that are in need of oil. When you come in for an oil change we not only change your oil & filter we also check all lights & other fluids in your vehicle and perform an inspection which will be sent to you by text or printed out for you.


Always consult your owner’s manual to find the proper tire size for the year, make and model. Tires are usual purchased in set of 4, or at least in matching groups of 2 on each axle.

Tire pressure is very important in making your tire wear properly, smooth ride, gas efficiency and safety. Another way to make your tires last is having them balanced & rotated.

We will do our best to find the best price and tires for your vehicle.

Safety Inspection

A safety standards certificate shows that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. You cannot put a license plate on a vehicle without one.
A certificate is needed when you –

We are a licensed MTO Inspection Station.

If you are looking at buying a used vehicle bring it in and have it checked out before purchasing the vehicle. Don’t take the previous owners word that the car doesn’t need any work done.

We also do annual safety inspections on light duty vehicles and small trailers.

Exhaust & Mufflers

Are you noticing that your car is louder than usual? Maybe it’s time to have some of your exhaust system replaced. If your vehicle has an exhaust leak the fumes from your vehicle can be getting into the passengers compartment.

Most replacement mufflers we install offer a life time warranty replacement.

Engine Maintenance & Tune Ups

The days of having a yearly tune-up are gone with today’s vehicles. Things that once handled mechanically are now handled electronically through the widespread use of onboard computer technology. The computer now controls and adjusts idle speeds and timing. Spark plugs are now lasting 100,000kms and most traditional tune-up procedures are now eliminated. Engine maintence today is changing your oil, checking fluid levels, belts and filters.

If your vehicle is not running correctly we can hook up our diagnostics tools to communicate with the vehicles computer to determine what is happening.

Engine Replacement or Rebuild

We are equipped to replace complete engines if your vehicles engine has been damaged internally. We can outsource a new or used motor for your vehicle with warranties.

Transmission Service

Regular services of your transmission help to extend the life of the transmission. As the fluid in your transmission gets older it begins to collect build-up of sludge and metal particles from the worn clutches in your transmission.

We offer transmission fluid and filter changes on most vehicles.