Your Road Trip Check List

Nothing wrecks a road trip like unwanted stops, tickets or delays at a strange mechanic’s. Doing a few simple things can save you a world of pain before going off on a road trip!

  • Check damage
  • Check under car for any leaking fluids
  • Check all 4 of your tire treads (see our article on tire treads)
  • Check your Tire pressure (find the correct tire pressure on the sticker along the side of your driver’s side door)
  • Check signals & lights (highbeams, break lights, headlights)
  • Check wiper blades and know the size in case of a replacement needed
  • Check AC, heat, Parking break and general buttons
  • Do your breaks squeal? Time to replace the pads!
  • Check your oil > maybe get an oil change (check the sticker to see when your last one was)
  • Window washer fluid (think of buying it in concentrate)
  • Check your serpentine belt > this functions to keep several things working (AC, water pump, alternator). Check there is no wear and tear
  • Check your battery, investigate the corrosion on the terminals and clean with baking soda and water, scrub with a toothbrush (maybe your husbands). Maybe have it tested and check the alternator and how it is pushing charge to the battery.
  • Think of getting a quick tune up or professional to have a look