Car Making Noises?

Listen, … as we all age we start hearing our bodies making weird noises they never used to. Most of them aren’t complimentary or helpful and some are downright terrifying and disgusting – well, your car is no different. But at Gary’s Service we believe client education is imperative to extend the life of your vehicle, after all knowledge is power. Your 1st step is to replicate the noise and make some notes.

  • When does it happen?
  • What circumstances are causing the noise?
  • Bumpy road? Smooth road?
  • Fast speed? While idling?
  • Is it driving or while breaking?
  • Are you running some mechanics when you hear the noise (AC, fan etc)?

Describe the noise to one of our mechanics (hum, squeal, click, thud) and a speedy diagnosis will help save you money. Check out these common car noises to know what needs fixin’ and when.